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Buller Gorge

South Island

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Buller Gorge

is the main and very scenic thoroughfare between Nelson or Blenheim and Westport cities.
The pass goes beside the Buller river in a gorge of the Southern Alps.
The road passes Murchinson and the Inangahua Junction, both memorable in New Zealand history for devastating earthquakes.

Murchison is a small settlement near the junction of the Matakitaki and Buller Rivers.
Used to be called Hampden, but was renamed Murchison for the nearby Mount Murchison (1470 m).
Mount Murchison was named after Scottish geologist, Sir Roderick Murchison, who founded the Royal Geographical Society.
The centre of an earthquake on 17 June 1929 was near Murchison and was felt practically all over New Zealand.
The earthquake devastated Murchison and killed about seventeen people in the district.

Inangahua Junction is another small settlement in the Buller Gorge region, near where the Inangahua River joins the Buller River about 45 km from Westport.
The township is famous for its whitebait, and bears the Maori name inanga for whitebait. The earthquake, centred near Inangahua, was was felt nation wide in May 1968 caused a lot of damage throughout the county, shifted large areas of the ground surface and killed three people.

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Buller Gorge

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