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Kununurra 1987 photos

Western Australia

Australia facts & history in brief

Kununurra is located about 100 kilometres from the mouth of the Ord River, in Western Australia.
The Ord River begins from near Halls Creek and flows northward for 480 kilometres into Cambridge Gulf, near Wyndham, with its tributaries.
The catchment area covers 46,200 square kilometres.
The Ord is the source of water for a major irrigation scheme, designed to provide water for 75,000 hectares of land devoted to tropical and subtropical crops.
Over 20.000 hectares have already been developed.
The irrigation scheme includes Kununurra Diversion Dam and the Ord River Dam.
The diversion dam, located near Kununurra, holds 97,410,000 cubic metres of water.
The Ord River Dam, 48 kilometres farther upstream, holds 5,679 million cubic metres of water, over nine times the water in Sydney Harbour.
Water from the Ord River Dam is released to the diversion dam, as required which feeds the irrigation channels.
Farms in the area, grow cotton, rice, grain sorghum, sunflowers, cattle fodder, peanuts, maize, mungbeans, and soybeans.
The Kununurra Diversion Dam was completed in 1968.
The Ord River Dam was begun in 1969 and completed in 1972. Kununurra is the main commercial centre for the surrounding districts.

Well, you could say, another day, another town.
Ah! Ah! I said you could.
Kununurra got it's charm.
After all, most of the district was a desert before.

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Kununurra Kununurra

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