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East Hungary

Záhony is a very busy city on the north-eastern border of Hungary.
Documents trace Záhony's history to the beginning of the 14th C. as a Circuit Court centre.
The city's name is probably of Slav origin. Záhony was an important crossing point over the Tisza.
Many important industries were established in the 19th C. in the township, such as sand excavations, sugar, timber, and flour-mills and others.
Záhony assumed major importance after the Nyíregyháza Csap railway line was opened in 1873.
Since the Trianon Agreement Záhony became an busy border town and after WWII assumed even greater importance as a transfer point between the Hungarian (European) and Soviet-Russian broad gauge rail system.
In 1989 Záhony became a city and a district administration centre.

Population probably under 10,000.

Hui Chin and I arrived late at night and although there's a hotel just across the road from the Railway Station, it had a very boisterous Disco going on and the friendly Hotelier told us we'd be better off at the other Hotel about 3 km away to walk in the middle of the night.
Half way there we thought we got lost and a nice young man, on his way to a date on his bike, escorted us to the Hotel.
Bless his kindness.
Thank you very much, if you happen to read this.


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