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Tatabánya is a major Hungarian industrial city in Northwest Hungary.

Tatabánya, only came into being after the turn of the 20th C.
and inherited it's name from the nearby Tata and the surrounding coal mines, that started operating in the late 19th C.
In 1947, Tatabánya, Alsó- (Lower), Felsõgalla, (Uppergalla) and Bánhida were amalgamated into Tatabánya city.
The Galla name appears on a 1251 document for the first time.
Excavations unearthed many archaeological finds dating back to the Hungarian's arrival in and around Bánhida pointing to settlements in the area.
In 1529 the Turkish forces destroyed the settlements and they didn't get resettled until 1733, when some German families were settled in the deserted villages.
According to some legends it was near Bánhida that the Hungarians had their final victory, in the late 9th C.
Since than Bánhida had checkered history.
Besides being destroyed by the Turks, later it was pawned, than settled by some Hungarian Reformed church families and than Slovak Catholic families were brought here to settle.
In recent history the city became the Komárom-Esztergom region's administration centre.
The mining has stopped years ago, but Tatabánya has many other industries that keeping the city prosperous and the population employed.
Although Tatabánya doesn't have the history and the beautiful old buildings as many other Hungarian cities have, there are many interesting attractions.

Population is estimated to be under 100,000.


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