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Szolnok is a very interesting, beautiful, major Hungarian city built on the banks on the river Tisza.

There are many attractions to see and do.

Hui Chin I were in Szolnok on the 17th April 2000, the day before the flood peaked on the 18th of April.

We felt very sorry for the people affected by the floods.

We watched their hurried efforts for a short time and were very inclined to help with filling sand bags and shifting where they were badly needed.
We were neither dressed or experienced enough to be much of a help.
We felt, we better get out of the way and leave it to the real army and the army of people to get on with their urgent jobs.

Many of these people were toiling for days and were probably very tired, our inexperience would have only been a token gesture in their desperate hour of need.

We prayed for them.
God bless them all.

Although we planed to stay for a few days, but under the circumstances we felt helpless and thought the best thing we could do was to get out of their way.

We returned in 2001 without any planning on our part practically on the anniversary of the flood.

We were very pleased to see, Szolnok survived the flood and was beautiful as ever or even more so.

We did see some remaining signs of the flood, some abandoned buildings, some water marks, but the people of Szolnok and their spirit triumphed over their adversity.


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Szolnok Szolnok Szolnok Szolnok


Szolnok Szolnok Szolnok Szolnok

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