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Szentkút, as I remember from my teenage years, used to be a very popular Catholic pilgrimage place.

I walked from the train station, (I think I was about 16 years old then.)

I've arrived early and the people just started gathering.

I spent three or four days sleeping with the thousands of people that came on the hill sides facing the Church and open Altar.

I've enjoyed the multitudes' devotion, the pomp of the pre Vatican II church's celebrations, the ambiance and atmosphere of the place.

An unforgettable experience.

I've heard a lot of stories, legends and miracles that taken place over the previous hundreds of years here.

I remember visiting a little 'glen', a 'topless' cave a hundred meters in length, about ten meters deep and only about five meters wide.

Water was dripping , some places flowing from the sides.

Many people were visiting the place and praying, washing in the waters.

Some people were talking about legends, that the chasm appeared after one our past heroes were being chased to stop his or her persuaders.
(Unfortunately I can't remember all the details, now.)

Some horse shoe prints were pointed out to me on the walls.

When we visited the place with Hui Chin in 2000, a father and some cleaners were there.

I went around to show the place to Hui Chin and by the time I finished my story and wanted some of my memories and details refreshed everybody disappeared.

We could not find the 'glen' and couldn't buy any souvenirs either, which I would have treasured.


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Szentkút Szentkút


Szentkút Szentkút Szentkút Szentkút
Szentkút Szentkút Szentkút Szentkút

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