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Sümeg is a very nice little town with a very attractive fortress, that you can see miles before you come to town.

Sümeg township is in a valley between the Bakony, the Keszthely Mountains and the Little Plains. The township is near Tapolca, Keszthely, Lake Balaton Veszprém, Zalaegerszeg and Györ.
In the Sümeg environs unearthed many archeological finds point to the district have been settled for thousands of years.
It was inhabited during Roman and early Hungarian times as well.
The first fortress was built king Béla IV. after the Tartar invasion and was enlarged and fortified by succeeding bishops of Veszprém.
The Sümeg fortress became very important after the fall Veszprém and Székesfehérvár to the Turkish invaders.
After the fall of the Rákóczi War of Independence the Habsburgs burnt down and practically destroyed the fortifications.
Between 1656-1658 the fortifications were rebuilt and extended around the township. After the fortification were finished the downtown was built around the Franciscan church, and friary.
The Bishop's Palace was built between 1748-1753 and the poet Sándor Kisfaludy's house (Now a Museum).

Other attractions are the Bishop's Stables, at the foot of the the Castle, and the beautiful parish church, with many beautiful frescos.
The town has many other attractions as well being close to the beautiful Lake Balaton.

From June to August there's folk dancing, gypsy music, jousting, etc. within the fortress at the evenings.

In 2001 we needed to send an urgent e-mail to our son in New Zealand from Sümeg.
It was Saturday and most of the shops were closed.
The Tourist Information office was open and the kind lady there was very helpful about information about the town, made our bookings on the train and let us use her computer to send our e-mail.
Very beautiful, friendly town and people.
Many thanks.

v v v

In 2003 the people of Sümeg shown Hui Chin and me their generosity again.
A bus driver at Ajka talked us into to take his bus to Sümeg where we'll have connection to Keszthely where we intended to go.
As it turned out there was no more buses that day and we missed the last train by about 5 minutes.
We were upset.
We went into the ........Hotel where the kind lady, the hotel owner after hearing our story reduced the rates and thrown in dinner and breakfast free.
Bless her kindheartedness.


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Sümeg Sümeg Sümeg Sümeg


Sümeg Sümeg Fortress. Sümeg Fortress.
Sümeg Fortress. Sümeg Fortress. Sümeg Fortress.


Sümeg Sümeg Sümeg Fortress. Sümeg


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