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St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Also known as Little Flower of Jesus (Carmelite of Lisieux, Sister Teresa of the Child Jesus)

Born Alencon, France, 2-1-1873; Marie Francoise-Therese Martin, died Lisieux 30-9-1897.

One of nine children of very religious parents, Louis and Zelie Martin, both who wanted though unsuccessfully to follow religious vocation.

Five of their daughters joined the Orders.
Therese wanted to join an Order at the age of 15.

Her father took her to Rome to see the Holy Father, Leo XIII. after being turned down by the superior.

On the 9-4-1888 she joined the Carmelite Order of Lisieux.

"Letters and Spiritual Counsels", St Terese's autobiography, - an account of her years of religious life - of the life of the Servant of God, this "little" saint of simplicity, and abandonment in God's service - was published two years after her death to become an immediate success.

It describes her constant search and growth in holiness. Many miracles are attributed to her intercession.

She was canonised 17 years after her death, on the 10-6-1914.
In 2001 she became Doctor of the Church.

While Hui Chin and I were visiting Keszthely during 2000, we called in the the Carmelite Basilica dedicated to Little Saint Therese, in Fenékpuszta on the outskirts of Keszthely.
The large Italian Romanesque building was Bruno Bruckwieser's of Vienna design and was completed in 1930. The White Friars were in charge of the Church until 1945 when Hungary's communist regime turned it into a Parish Church and closed down the Friary. The Friars returned in 1989 and the church's status was raised to Basilica Minor. Damage to the Basilica was repaired in the late 1990's.

A lady was cleaning the church when we dropped in, and she pointed out to us that Saint Therese of Lisieux's Reliquary and Altar dedicated to the saint.

Saint Therese of Lisieux helped us with her intercessions on our behalf. Hui Chin and I are very grateful.


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The Church High Altar Saint Therese
Saint Therese

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