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Répcevis is near the Austrian border.

It was near this little village that a friend of mine and I tried to escape to Austria the first time after our Revolution was brutally crushed by the Soviets in 1956.

Many of the local people knew that we were trying to flee from Hungary and waved to us and encouraged us as they pointed towards the border.

As we left the village we could see many other people all over the paddocks heading the same way, west towards Austria, towards freedom.

Before we could reach the border, - the two of us and a few others - we were stopped by some Soviet soldiers hiding in the nearby little forest, who started running towards us yelling and firing wildly towards us.

They slightly wounded and captured me and some of the others, and taken us to the Szombathely ÁVH's barracks, where we were questioned during the night.

Most of us felt betrayed by someone in the village.

(To better understand the story, see my pages on Zsira & Szombathely also my story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Chapter 5, Escape to Freedom, for my attempts to escape to Austria and freedom.)


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Répcevis Répcevis

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