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Pápa is a city in Veszprém district, western Hungary, beside the Tapolca river.
The environs and sorrounding district is a prosperous grain and beet-growing area.
Documents mentioning the city from the 14th C onwards.
The early settlement of orders in township, and the amalgation of more than ten smaller hamlets, helped the city's early development.
The Zápolya, Török, Esterházy families resided in the township over the years.
Pápa and it's fortifications were at the edge of the Turkish occupation and often changed hands with the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian forces.
In 1704 the township and the guards of the fortress sided with Rákóczi's War of Independence forces and the town changed hands again many times.
In 1707 the fortress fell into Habsburg hands.
In 1740 they started to rebuild the fortress into a castle.
About this time they started to develop the inner city, including the central parish church.
The inner city is a protected area now.
The city also acquired a leading commercial, cultural and educational centre roll about this time.
In 1872 Pápa became a city.
From 1929 to 1945 it was the regions and from 1945 to 1983 district administration centre.
Pápa suffered heavy damage during WWII.
Since fall of communism Pápa enjoyed rapid growth in industrial, commercial, cultural and scholastic development.
Main industries include footwear, textiles and cigars.
the city also an important railway and road transport centre.
Pápa has many outstanding buildings and monuments, like Castle, and the parish churches from the 18th C., a Protestant theological college, the Fellner house, the Corvin house, the Franciscan church and many other churches, buildings and statues.

Estimated population about 50,000.


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Pápa Pápa Pápa Pápa
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