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Mór is a small city west of Budapest in valley between mountains.
Archaeological finds in the vicinity showing that the city's environs were settled was thousands of years.
In Roman times the settlement was a important wine growing district and a servicing centre and resting place on an important military road.
A 1080 document refers to it as a Magyar settlement.
The city's name likely to came from a 11th C. Benedictine Monk living in the local Monastery, before he became Bishop of Pécs.
During the Turkish occupation, Mór was on the border between the Turks and the Hungarian Kingdoms armies and regularly being in middle of skirmishes and open to be raided either side and was practically abandoned. Mór also suffered during the 15 Year War too. In 1698 a large number of German families were settled here. Mór situated on the parts of the Móri river, between the Bakony and Vértes Mountain tectonic plates experience earthquakes from time to time, one of the biggest being in 1810. The sorrounding district is well known for its green-white wine, fruits. Coal, bauxite mining in the nearby environs helped Mór to develop many small and larger industries. Since 1990 many German, American and Japanese firm set up factories in the city environs. The city have a couple of castles, nice municipal buildings, churches, chapels and many other interesting sights.

Hui Chin and I spent a very uncomfortable, sleepless night at the .............Hotel at Mór. There was a Disco going on until 6 am. next morning right under our room and the young folks were rather illubrated and noisy under our window. The worst thing is that the hotel had many empty rooms away from the noise and the receptionist new about the forthcoming noise as she was dressing and making up for the night at the club, while booking us in.

We were very tired, angry and disappointed next morning.


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