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Hungary, facts and history in brief           Budapest, facts and history in brief


Southern Hungary

Mohács is a very beautiful and popular city for tourist.
Near Mohács is where Hungary lost a major battle to the invading Turks, all those hundreds of years ago.
Although it was only one major battle against the invaders, and our 'foreign' child king died, the consequences are evident even these days in Hungary.
As before, against the Mongols and Tartars Hungary was western Europe's bulwark against the invading armies.

The following years after 'Mohács' and further lost battles against the Turks, the country was divided into three different parts.
Thousands of Hungarians died in these battles defending their country and western civilisation and during the years of occupation.

During and after the Turkish occupation many people came to settle from neighbouring countries, in the now depopulated Hungary.

Hence the brutal Trianon Treaty after WWI, cutting Hungary to less than one third of its original, thousand years old size.
Since that time, although it was only one major battle in southern as I've mentioned already, that battle 29-9-1526) is a icon date in Hungarian history defining the Turkish invasion and the over 150 years of occupation usually described by most Hungarians as the Mohácsi Vész (The Catastrophe of Mohács). One of the cornerstone battles to oust the Turks from Hungary also happened near Mohács on the 12-8-1687.


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Mohács Mohács Mohács


Mohács Mohács Mohács
Mohács Mohács Mohács

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