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Kalocsa is 'world famous in Hungary' for it's embroidery and paprika.
(I couldn't resist saying that. A similarly phrased line is often used in New Zealand to promote places that are well known for their particular products, sights or icons.
Kalocsa, is a township, south of Budapest, near the Danube River.
It is an agricultural center and is famed for its embroidery and paprika.
It was created a bishopric by St. Stephen (And second only to Esztergom (to the best of my knowledge) in all of Hungary and became the seat of an archbishop in 1260.
The town has a beautiful cathedral, Bishop's Palace and Roman Catholic Seminary.
Although the township was destroyed many times during Hungary's turbulent history, today's Kalocsa a magnificent show piece of Hungary's many beautiful towns.
A walk down the main street, now a pedestrian mall, will testify to that.

Estimated population around 20,000.

I wanted to uploading this page a couple of years ago, because I visited Kalocsa with Hui Chin and Endre and none of us remembers the year we visited there or can find any of the many photographs I have taken.

I can still remember many features though, the many nice buildings and the beautiful icecream we had there.

So, I am borrowing a couple of photographs from my friend George Draskoy with his kind permission and give a link to his interesting Kalocsa page.

In 2003 Hui Chin and I revisited Kalocsa and here are some new photos.


You can click on these photos for an enlargement.

George Draskoy's Kalocsa Page

House decorated with Paprika
(hung out to dry)
in Kalocsa.
Photo courtesy George Draskoy.
Locally decorated Pillow Slip
Embroidery of Kalocsa has it's own patterns and style.
There are a number of town or districts in Hungary famous for their embroidery,
but they all have their distinctive style and you can recognise the district it came from .
Photo courtesy George Draskoy.

Kalocsa Kalocsa Kalocsa Kalocsa

Kalocsa Kalocsa Kalocsa Kalocsa

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