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Jászárokszállás is a small township in the Jász region (A region settled mainly by the Jász people, who joined the Magyars (Hungarians) during their early nomadic life in search for a homeland.)

The "árok" refers to the small stream running through the township.
The "szállás" can be translated as settlement.
Documents dating back 1366 refer to the settlement.
Some legends from the 18th C. recall that the fiancee of Prince Csörs, a Chech prince who owned the township, would only meet him by a boat, so a canal was built.

Jászárokszállás developed as a garden and was granted town status in 1850.

It is officially known by the present name since 1907.

Jászárokszállás is a memorable, place for me in the Jász region.
Gitta, (Margaret), one of my half sisters, who was a nun, until the communist confiscated most Catholic Church's properties, including their schools and banned most orders including her's, later married a local man.
I lived with them for a few months here.
I remember Jászárokszállás and the time I spent here with affection.
There was an electrical firm, just off the main square, - that was in the early fifties, - that had a miniature little town in their window, with working lights in the streets and houses.
Later in my life, when I could better afford it, I based my miniature railway and towns layout on this.
I've been back to Jászárokszállás twice since those days and would you credit it, none of my photos turned out very good for one reason or other.
In 1978, I ran out of film and could only buy B&W film at that time in rural Hungary.
In 2000, I ran out of film again during my visit here. Jászárokszállás The electrical shop was still there though, on both occasions.
Hooray for stability in rural Hungary!!
This year when I visit Hungary again, I will make sure, I'll have enough digital capacity for a few interesting shots.
Hooray for perseverance!!


These photos were scanned from B&W and 'artificially' coloured.
It was hard to get colour film in Hungary those days, but not impossible.

You can click on these photos for an enlargement.

Jászárokszállás Jászárokszállás Jászárokszállás
Jászárokszállás Jászárokszállás Jászárokszállás


Jászárokszállás Jászárokszállás

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