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Hollókõ is a small 17th-18th C., "Paloc" living museum village in northeast Hungary.

Listed as an UNESCO World Heritage for it's traditional architecture.

The village people maintain many old Hungarian traditions, and they celebrate the "Paloc Festival" in August.

At Easter, the girls hand paint (Some time with some artistic skill), hard boiled eggs, which they give to the young men, that turn up on Easter Monday to splash (Locsolás) them with scented water or perfume as an expression of their homage to their beauty or admiration.

Another one is before Christmas, when young people in a small group dressed up to represent biblical times with a small stable or church in their hands visiting neighbours and singing Christmas carols, for a small donation. (Both of these traditions were widely practiced all over in Hungary in my youth.)

Another of their traditions, not as widely practiced in Hungary I will relate later on this page.

There's also a ruined fortress on top of the nearby hill, with magnificent vista over the surrounding countryside.

My family was made to live there for a short time by the communists.

The small village has many colourful cultural traditions.

On Saturday or Sunday nights the village's young people walk around in groups and sing. Young lovers with arms around each other.

My brother and I joined in a few times. I was 14 or 15 at the time, my brother 5 years younger. Our songs, although well known Hungarian songs, were not wholly appreciated by the locals, as I found out later at my boarding school.
I would like to apologise now.


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Hollókõ Hollókõ Hollókõ Hollókõ


Hollókõ Hollókõ Hollókõ Hollókõ

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