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Fűzesabony is a important transport centre on the Budapest-Miskolc main trunk railway line, including a branch line to Eger and Ozd, and the M3 (E71) Motorway ended here until recently, but extensions are underway now.
The earliest written documents mentioning 'abony' dates back to 1261, but recent and previous diggings and finds traces the present city's history back to the neolithic age.
Many Iron and early Bronze age artefacts and jewellery were unearthed.
Fűzesabony's strategic situation on the small hillock beside the Eger and Laskó rivers saved it from many flood, which often devastated the surrounding area.
During the Turkish occupation, the town was razed and wasn't reoccupied until the Turkish were expelled from Hungary altogether.
(Some 150 years later.) Fűzesabony enjoyed a mixed fortune until WWI, when it's fortunes rapidly declined.
The WWII also brought on large scale damage to the transport (Bridges and railways were damaged or destroyed.) and other structures churches , museum, library etc also got damaged or destroyed.
Fűzesabony was made District capital in 1950, and received city status in 1989.


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Fűzesabony Fűzesabony Fűzesabony Fűzesabony


Fűzesabony Fűzesabony Fűzesabony Fűzesabony

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