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Fertõd photos 2001


Fertõd was called Eszterháza until 1950.
No one seem to be sure whether Eszterháza was called after the Eszterházy, one of prewar Hungary's nobel and richest family's or the family got their name from the village.
The village is famous for its magnificent, opulent and beautiful Palace.
The Palace, the largest and most magnificent in Hungary, styled on and rival of the Palace of Versailles.
Work begin on the Palace in 1720 and seen many additions and enlargements over the following years in French Rococo and also Baroque style.
The Palace and her master the 'Sparkling' Miklós Eszterházy enjoyed their heyday between 1768 and 1790.
During this period the Palace enjoyed an 'extravagant, opulent' reputation and many of Europe's Kings, Queens (including Maria Theresa) and nobles were entertained here.
The complex included an Opera House, Music House, where Joseph Hayden was in semi permanent residence, Chinese Pavilion,etc.
After Miklós Eszterházy's death the family moved to and embraced a less extravagant lifestyle.
The Palace was abandoned and neglected.
During WWII it was badly damaged and looted.
After WWII some schools were established within the Palace, but restoration work did not start until 1970s and it is still in progress.
The village population is about 3000.


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