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HÉV is the system of four suburban railway lines in and around Budapest.
Its name is derived from Helyiérdekű Vasút, literally. "Railway of Local Interest".
The HÉV lines were originally constructed as branch lines of the Hungarian State Railways.
Today, the four HÉV lines are operated by the public transport company of Budapest, yet are not part of the Budapest Metro.

The HÉV connects Csepel (south), Ráckeve (far south), Gödöllõ (northeast), and Szentendre (north) with various points of central Budapest.
The four HÉV lines are not connected, each originating from a different terminus.

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HÉV carriages near the Lágymányosi Bridge

HÉV carriages near Szentendre

A HÉV EMU at the Örs vezér tere terminus of the Gödöllõ line

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Inside Budapest, standard BKV tickets and passes are valid on the HÉV.
Outside Budapest, a separate ticket must be validated.
(subject to change - check current fare structure)

The HÉV is a hybrid between a train and a metro.
Although most of its stations are above ground and outdoor, some are underground (for example the city centre terminus at Batthyány tér).

The HÉV lines are planned to become integrated into the metro network.
The Szentendre, Ráckeve and Csepel lines are slated to be merged into what is called the metro line 5 (North-South Regional rapid railway).
The connection will be made by an underground line between the Kaszásdülõ and Lágymányosi bridge stations, and extended in order to reach the center of Pesterzsébet.

Recently, the Urban and Suburban Transit Association (Városi és Elõvárosi Közlekedési Egyesület) presented a plan to merge line 2 with the HÉV from Gödöllõ.
The city government did not totally accept the plan, but it still may be built after 2015.


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Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV
Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV
Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV
Budapest HÉV Budapest HÉV

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