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Baja is a medium sized, pretty, Hungarian city, situated beside a navigable branch of the River Danube, in southern Hungary, near the Serbian border.
Baja is the capital of the Baja district, an important commercial and service centre for the sorrounding area.
The city has a number of schools, high schools, teachers college, technical institutes and some major and many smaller industries.
A number of Hungarian religious orders have monasteries, schools, high schools, order-houses and seminaries in the city.

Archaeologist found signs of Baja's early settlement.
First written references mentioning the local Franciscan Order in 1260.
In 1472 King Mathias I, gifted Baja to the Czobor family.
In 1526 Baja was occupied by the Turkish forces until 1687.
When the Turks were chased out of Hungary, Baja was rested in the Hungarian Crown.
During the Realm of Maria Therese Baja became Antal Grassalkovich property, and large portions of the sorrounding farm remained in the hands of the Grassalkovich family until 1945.
Many well known Hungarian writers, poets, politicians and inventors came from Baja.

Hui Chin and I found Baja very interesting and friendly.
On our way to Baja, we met a very friendly and intelligent young man.
Before our train arrival to Baja, we asked him if can recommend us a place to stay.
Attila Gombár (Environmental Scientist), did much better than just telling us about Hotels in Baja, although his young and pretty wife came to the station to meet him, they escorted us to the Duna Hotel, probably about 4 km from the station.
We were very happy with the Duna Hotel, the staff were helpful, obliging and negotiable, that pleased us no end.
Hui Chin and I tried Baja's famous 'Fish soup' and other fish dishes at the popular eatery on the Danube Promenade, by star-light, after some sightseeing.
Next day we spent some more time sightseeing.
There are many picturesque churches, architecture and Municipal, City and Government buildings to admire and photograph.
We been through Baja a few times before, heading somewhere else, never really had the time to get to know the place before.
Click-click-click went my camera.
Thanks Gombárs and thanks Baja.

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Baja. Baja. Baja. Baja.
Baja. Baja. Baja. Baja.

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