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Transdanubia, Hungary

Ajka is a small city in Transdanubia, east of Budapest, north of Lake Balaton and lying on the western foothills of the Bakony Mountains. The Torna and Csinger brooks run through the town.
The first written documents referring to the settlement dates back to 1228. The name is of German origin.
Originally was settled by Avars, a people long associated with the Magyars (Hungarians).
An important market place and military road since the Middle Ages, and helped its development.
Many relics dating back to the stone and bronze age were unearthed in the vicinity.
The city developed from the amalgamations of many smaller small settlements.
For many years Ajka and the surrounds were royal property.
Later, the Ajkay family's estate.
16th C. documents refer to Lower and Upper Ajka.
Many Roman Catholic Germans were settled to balance the inroads Reformation made on the population in the 17th C.
Ajka and its surrounds have rich coal and bauxite deposits, which helped its industrial development and economic progress.
In 1865 a glass factory was the first major employer of the local labour.
Later followed by others, including a brick factory and a power station in 1937 with a bauxite factory and aluminium smelter.
In 1959 Ajka became a city.

Ajka sights include:
Reformed Church, in Baroque-style from the 18th C.
Lutheran Church from the 18th C.
Catholic Church, rebuilt in the 20th C.
Mining Museum.
City Museum
City Park and Swimming complex, man-made lake tennis courts and skate rink.
And the Earthen Fortress at Cservár from the Bronze Age.

Hui Chin and I paid a harried visit to Ajka to see everything there was to see.
We liked the town and its friendly people and the sight we have seen.

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Ajka Ajka Ajka Ajka

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