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Piz Gloria

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Piz Gloria

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Piz Gloria is the name of the panoramic restaurant on the Schilthorn with Muerren in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.
The aerial tramway station and the restaurant were built by a Bernese architect Konrad Wolf.

Because of the difficult conditions, construction units had to be prefabricated to a large extent.
The outer skin of the all-round glass upper floor consists of aluminum-designed wooden plates, originally an aluminum-coated tent roof.
There is a turning mechanism so that all guests have views: around a core of 12 m diameter turns a 3 m annulus.
The panoramic restaurant is considered a pioneer achievement in buildings for tourists.
It bears witness to the spirit of the time of the 1960s.
The mountain restaurant was enlarged around 1990, but kept its original character.

The Piz Gloria served as the location for Blofeld's hideout in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service ; which contributed to its reputation.

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