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Switzerland, Central Europe

Switzerland facts and history in brief

We, Hui Chin and I arrived in Paris early Friday morning to apply for our Mali Visa.
We went to to the Embassy.
Wrong place, have to go the Consulate.
At the Consulate we were told wrong day for applications, (Only on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (9am-12 pm.)

We had two days to spare and a two months Eurail Pass. Off to Lucern we hurried to try out the world's longest cograil railway up to Mount Pilatus. Ok, I'm getting to it. I'm suppose to write here about Frakmuntegg.
Well, after arriving in Lucern, we bought a ticket to Mt. Pilatus.
That ticket entitled us to a boat trip from Lucern to Alpnachstad, catch the longest and highest cograil train to Pilatus Kulm, take time out for a good, breathtaking look, catch an arial tramway or gondola down to Frakmuntegg, - there you are, there's Frakmuntegg for you, - where we had another breathtaking look at the sorrounding Swiss Alps, and from Frakmuntegg we caught a panoramic gondola down to Kriens, a suburb of Lucerne. Off course you can do the round anticlockwise too.

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Frakmuntegg Frakmuntegg Frakmuntegg Frakmuntegg
Frakmuntegg Frakmuntegg Frakmuntegg Frakmuntegg

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