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Novi Sad


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Novi Sad
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Novi Sad (Serbian: Novi Sad; Slovak: Nov Sad; Hungarian: jvidk; Croatian: Novi Sad; Romanian: Novi Sad; German: Neusatz; Latin: Neoplanta) is a city in northern Serbia, located at 45.25 N, 19.85 E, on the banks of the Danube river.
It is the capital of the Vojvodina province and a large industrial and cultural center.
Its name means "New Planting" (noun) in Serbian.
The city's population was 215,659 in 2002 and 298,139 with the surrounding inhabited places of the municipality included.
An unofficial estimate of the current city population is approximately 240,000-250,000.

The city of Novi Sad comprises Novi Sad proper and the settlements of Petrovaradin and Sremska Kamenica.
The metropolitan area of Novi Sad also comprises Futog, Veternik, Bukovac and Ledinci.
There are also several other settlements in Novi Sad municipality, but these settlements are physically separated from the city.

Novi Sad is the second-largest city in Serbia-Montenegro (after Belgrade) and the administrative center of the South Backa District of Serbia.
According to the 2002 census, the population of Novi Sad is composed of Serbs (75,50%), Hungarians (5,24%), Yugoslavs (3,17%), Slovaks (2,41%), Croats (2,09%), Montenegrins (1,68%) and others.

Novi Sad Area 235.6 km
Population 215,659 (2002)
Founded 1694
City status 1748
Area code 021
Location 4515' N 1951' E
City web site www.gradnovisad.org.yu

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Hui Chin and I spent some time touring around Serbia exploring some of the cities and other attractions including spending some time in and around Novi Sad.

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Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad
Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad
Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad
Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad
Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad
Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad

Novi Sad Buses 2005

Novi Sad Buses Novi Sad Buses

Novi Sad Trains 2005

Novi Sad Trains

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