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Romania facts and history in brief

Razboieni or Razboieni-Cetate (Székelyföldvár in Hungarian) is a little unassuming settlement located between Aiud (Nagyenyed, Turda (Torda) and Ludus (Marosludas).

Often mentioned as Razboieni - Lunca Muresului (Székelykocsárd) the nearest settlement.

Although a small settlement Razboieni is a very important railway centre since the 1870s when the first railway line was built.

The settlement is under the administration of Ocna Mures (Marosújvár).

At the recent referendum whether the people of the settlement want to run their own affairs just over 800 turned up to vote out of more than 12800 eligable voters.

In 2005, Hui Chin and I were travelling from Cluj Napoca to Targu Mures and we had to change trains at Razboieni.

We had over three hours to wait, so we decided to visit the township which is about 4 km from the station.

We walked across a large field on a long footpath that has seen many better days.

We spent more than an hour walking around the settlement with our trollies, 'entertaining' the locals, who don't oten see 'town's people' wandering around their place pulling around their noisy 'trolly suitcases'.

A memorable little place.

Unfortunately I do not have any of my photos of this place left, although we had four cameras between us and we have taken many, many photos wherever we went, two of my most favoured cameras: a JVC video camera I favoured because of the quality of photos it produced, ease of use and its excellent compression rate, and my Panasonic camera for its miniature size. Both had large, 512 MB SD Cards and many thousands of photos on them were stolen from my bag, later into our trip, by some 'lowlife', with my wallet and money.
You'll see this message a few times, because my JVC and Panasonic cameras' cards had many-many pictures stored on them.


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