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Rhodes, Greek Rhodos, is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, and easternmost of the major islands of Greece in the Aegean Sea.
It lies approximately 11 miles (18 km) west of Turkey, situated between the Greek mainland and the island of Cyprus.
Its population in 2004 was estimated at 130,000, of which between 100,000 and 150,000 resided permanently in the city of Rhodes, the main commercial and population center.
Rhodes is the capital of the District of the Dodecanese and of the Province of Rhodes, which also includes the nearby islands of Symi, Tilos, Halki, and Kastellorizo.

Historically, it was known for its Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
The medieval city is a World Heritage Site.

The island of Rhodes is shaped like a spearhead, 79.7 km long and 38 km wide with a total area of approximately 1,398 kmē and a coastline of approximately 220 km.
The city of Rhodes is located at the far northern end of the island, including the site of the ancient and modern commercial harbor.
The main air gateway (Diagoras International Airport, IATA code: RHO) is located 14 km to the southwest of the city in Paradisi.
The road network radiates from the city along the east and west coasts.

The flora and fauna is more closely allied to that of Turkey than it is to that of the rest of Greece.
The interior is mountainous and sparsely inhabited, covered with forests of Turkish Pine (Pinus brutia) and abundant fauna including the Rhodian deer.
Features include the so-called Petaludes or Petaloudes Valley, or Valley of the Butterflies, where tiger moths gather in summer; Mount Attavyros, at 3,986 ft (1,215 m) the island's highest point of elevation; and the appropriately named Seven Springs area.
While the shores are rocky, arable sandy strips exist where citrus fruits, wine grapes, vegetables, and other crops flourish in the Mediterranean climate.

Outside of the city of Rhodes, the Faliraki resort, Lindos, Archangelos, Afandou, Koskinou, Embona, and Trianta (Ialysos) are significant.
The economy of the whole island is geared toward tourism, the island's primary source of income.

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The Colossus of Rhodes was a huge statue of the god Helios, erected on the Greek island of Rhodes by Chares of Lindos in the 3rd century BC.
It was roughly the same size as the Statue of Liberty in New York, although it stood on a lower platform.
It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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A nice place in the sun. Shame that we can't see the Colossus any more.

I believe Rhodes the city and the island as a whole live mainly on tourism.
It would be possible to erect another Colossus and it probably would pay for itself by bringing 'oodools' more tourist in.
Well' that's what I reckon.
It would be nice to photograph.
Kodak might 'chip in' the construction cost.
Well, you never know?!

Unfortunately I do not have all my photos of this place left, although we had four cameras between us and we have taken many, many photos wherever we went, two of my most favoured cameras: a JVC video camera I favoured because of the quality of photos it produced, ease of use and its excellent compression rate, and my Panasonic camera for its miniature size. Both had large, 512 MB SD Cards and many thousands of photos on them were stolen from my bag, later into our trip, by some 'lowlife', with my wallet and money.
You'll see this message a few times, because my JVC and Panasonic cameras' cards had many-many pictures stored.

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Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes
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Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes

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