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Corinth and the Corinth Canal


Greece facts and history in brief

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Temple of Apollo at CorinthCorinth, or Korinth is a Greek city, on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnesus to the mainland of Greece.
To the west of the isthmus lies the Gulf of Corinth, to the east lies the Saronic Gulf.
Corinth is about 48 miles (78 km) southwest of Athens.
The isthmus, which was in ancient times traversed by hauling ships over the rocky ridge on sledges, is now cut by a canal.
Corinth is located at 3756' North, 2255' East (38.56, 22.55).

Corinth is also the capital of the prefecture of Corinthia.
The city is (clockwise) surrounded by the coastal townlets of Lechaio, Isthmia, Kechries, and the inland townlets of Examilia and Ancient Corinth right next to the archaelogical site.
Geophysically the city is likewise surrounded by the narrow coastal plain of Vocha, Corinthian Gulf, Corinth Canal, Saronic Gulf, Oneia mountains, and the monolithic rock of Acrocorinth where the medieval acropolis was built.

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Another interesting place, 'choke' full of history and ruins, plenty to see, to 'keep you out of mischief' for awhile.

Hui Chin and I enjoyed the ambience of the place.

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Corinth Corinth Corinth
Corinth Canal Corinth Canal Corinth Canal

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