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Wendelstein is the name of
  • a mountain in the Chiemgau (see Rosenheim (district)).
  • two experimental stellarators (nuclear fusion reactors) of the Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik:
    The Wendelstein 7-AS is located in Garching near Munich, Germany
    Its successor, the Wendelstein 7-X is currently being built in Greifswald, Germany.
The transmission tower Wendelstein is a 55 metre high transmission tower for FM and TV on the 1838 metre high Wendelstein Mountain in Southern Bavaria.
It was built in 1954 and has no facilities for visitors.
The Transmission Tower Wendelstein is in spite of its small height a very important FM and TV facility because it can supply by its location on the Wendelstein Mountain large parts of Southern Bavaria with FM- and TV-programmes.

The imposing silhouette of "Wendelstein" can already be discerned from a long way off.
The striking mountain is 1838 m high and has become a popular destination of people's outings - by means of two different kinds of transport ascending from two opposite sides.

The "Wendelstein" rack railway (cogwheels)
From 1910 till 1912 Otto von Steinbeis constructed the first railway of this kind in the German Alps.
It's hard to imagine today how 800 - predominantly Bosnian - workers succeeded at that time in building a railway route of 9,95 km: with seven tunnels, eight galleries, twelve bridges and costly retaining or supporting walls.
For more than 75 years the old locomotives and wagons had been running before they were replaced by new double-railcars.
There are still two complete historical trains from the very beginnings of this railway which are sent on their way on special occasions.

The "Wendelstein"cable car
The good old railway couldn't satisfy any longer the rush on "Wendelstein" in the late sixties.
As a counterpart and supplement to the comfortable trains a modern and fast-going cable-car was built from Bayrischzell Osterhofen (southern side).
Since 1969 the big cabins can take you up and down the mountain.

Data "Wendelstein"cable-car "Wendelstein"railway
  • time 7 min 30 min
  • route 2,95 km 7,66 km
  • speed 10 m/sec up 30 km/h
  • down 16 km/h
  • gauge 1000 mm
  • distance from the ground maximum 170 m
  • gradient maximum 58 % 23,7%
  • capacity 50 persons 200 persons
  • station/bottom 792 m above sea level 508 m above sea level
  • station/top 1724 m above sea level 1723 m above sea level
Informations: Wendelsteinbahn GmbH, Kerschelweg 30, 83098 Brannenburg am Inn
Tel. 08034/308-0, Fax 08034/308 - 106
e-mail: info@wendelsteinbahn.de

Sights on Mount Wendelstein
Fantastic panorama of the Alps
The look-out platform "Gacher Blick" (steep view) on the top station terrace offers you a beautiful view of the Central Alps; a panorama board explains the corresponding peaks.
A well reinforced ascent of only 20 min leads from the top station to the real peak of Wendelstein (1838m).
This view round is even more fantastic.

Wendelstein chapel
Since 1890 the romantic chapel has been crowning the "Schwaigerwand"(small aside peak).
It's worth having a look inside - religious service is held regularly on summer Sundays.
A dream for those who are eager to get married: a mountain wedding on "Wendelstein".

Wendelstein Cave
The Limestone cave admits you 300 m into the mountains's bowels - impressive! (Automatically revolving door - entrance 1.- €).

Tour of the top
With good shoes an easy and fascinating walk of about 1 hour.
Difference in altitude about 150 metres.

GEO-PARK "Wendelstein"
250 million years of geological history.
The emergence and formation of the Alps in particular is retold on 4 paths and 35 information boards altogether.
Guided tours by experts on request.

Solar and wind energy system
The experimental plants of the "Lech" electric power company and the "Wendelstein" railway Ltd. are worth seeing.

University observatory
On the summit.
Visiting times - each 1st Thursday a month - from May till September (groups by special arrangement).

"Wendelstein" Gastronomy
Mountain air makes you tremendously hungry and thirsty.
A stop at the restaurant makes your day in the mountains a real event.
A friendly restaurant at the bottom station offers you solid and good plain meals as well.
And there's a kiosk at the cable-car bottom station with snacks for the small hunger.

"Wendelstein" Souvenirs
Kiosk at the top station, restaurant at the bottom station, kiosk at the cable-car bottom station sell a wide variety souvenirs.

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Wendelstein has a Rack Railway (Cog Rail) and a Cable Car system climbing up near to the top of Mount Wendelstein

My liking for trains, of course include cog rails and cable cars.

Unfortunately I do not have many of my photos left of this place, although we had four cameras between us and we taken many, many photos wherever we went, two of my cameras, with large, 512 MB SD Cards and many thousands of photos on them with my valet and money, were stolen from my bag, later into our trip, by some 'lowlife'.

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Wendelstein Wendelstein Wendelstein Wendelstein

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