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Germany, facts and history in brief

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Heidelberg (halfway between Stuttgart and Frankfurt) is a city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
As of 2005, there are 140,000 people living on the city's 109 km².
View from the so called "alley of philosophers" (Philosophenweg) towards the Old Town, with Heidelberg Castle, Heiliggeist Church and the Old Bridge Castle of Heidelberg pictured from the 'Old Bridge' Heidelberg lies on the river Neckar at the point where the Neckar leaves its narrow, steep valley in the Odenwald hills to flow into the Rhine valley where, 20 kilometres northwest of Heidelberg it joins the Rhine at Mannheim.

The old town, in German Altstadt, is long and narrow and is dominated by Heidelberg Castle which perches 80 metres above the Neckar on the steep, wooded hill of the Königstuhl (Kingschair, throne) mountain with the TV Tower, surrounded by a park where the famous poet J.W. Goethe once walked.

The city is a vibrant mixture of tradition and modernity.
In the past it has been a centre for both science and the arts and today this tradition is carried on with many research centres located in or around the city.

Heidelberg not only boasts a medieval castle, but it also is home to one of Europe's oldest educational institutes, the University of Heidelberg.

A number of United States Military installations are present in and around Heidelberg, including the Headquarters of the United States Army in Europe (HQ USAREUR).
These make up the U.S. Army Garrison Heidelberg.
Additionally, a small number of NATO facilities are present on the installations, most notably Land Forces Central Europe (LANDCENT).

Population: 142,889 source (2004)
Area: 108.83 km²
Postal code: 69001-69126
Area code: 06221
Licence plate code: HD
Website: heidelberg.de

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Sarolta and I visited Heidelberg in 1978.

During our tour of the township and the castle we enjoyed the occasional glass of the town's famous beer.

Big cheers all around.

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