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Germany, facts and history in brief

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Hamburg is Germany's second largest city (behind Berlin) and its principal port.
The official name Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg recalls its membership in the medieval Hanseatic League and the fact that Hamburg is one of Germany's sixteen Bundesländer rather than part of a state.
The state and administrative city cover 750 km² with 1.7 million inhabitants, while another 750,000 live in neighbouring urban areas.
The wider Hamburg metropolitan region including nearby districts of Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony covers 18,100 km² with a population of 4 million.

Founded in the first decade of the 9th century as Hamma Burg ("fortified town"), it was designated the seat of an bishopric (834) whose first bishop Ansgar became known as the Apostle of the North.
In 845 a fleet said to number 600 Viking ships came up the Elbe river and destroyed Hamburg, at that time a place of around 500 inhabitants.
Hamburg was two years later combined with Bremen as the bishopric of Hamburg-Bremen.
The see was finally moved to Bremen after further raids in 1066 and 1072, this time by Slavs from the east.
Frederick I "Barbarossa" is said to have granted free access up the lower Elbe to Hamburg in a charter of 1189.
Hamburg's proximity to the main trade routes of the North and Baltic Seas quickly made it a major port of northern Europe, and its alliance (1241) with Lübeck on the Baltic is considered the origin of the powerful Hanseatic League of trading cities.
Today's inner city therefore hosts almost no buildings from before 1842 and even few from before 1945. In February 1962 the city's low-lying areas were affected by severe flooding.
The city boundaries were extended in 1937 with the Groß-Hamburg-Gesetz (Greater Hamburg Act) to incorporate neighbouring Wandsbek, Harburg-Wilhelmsburg and Altona.
During Operation Gomorrah of World War II, the British bombed Hamburg on July 28, 1943 which caused a firestorm that killed 42,000 German civilians.
The population of the city proper peaked in the mid-1960s at 1.85 million, but has recovered from a mid-1980s low of under 1.6m. Growth is now concentrated in the suburban areas.

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I visited Hamburg for the first time with my daughter Sarolta during our tour around Europe in 1978.

We enjoyed the city so much I was to return with Hui Chin a few years later.

Hui Chin and I enjoyed our stay in Hamburg, during our visit in 2003.

After our arrival at about 8 pm at night, we spent a couple of hours walking around downtown with our luggage, asking people, looking for a suitable hotel, until a kind doorman at the very expensive, Hyatt Hotel told us that we'll find many suitable hotels behind the station, and he was right of course. We exited the wrong side of the station.


These fellas are all over Hamburg streets.
Are they there waiting for the
next "Allied' raids,
to stop the firestorms?

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Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg
Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg


Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg
Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg

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