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Germany, facts and history in brief

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Bremen is a city in northern Germany (official name: Freie Hansestadt Bremen, referring to its membership in the medieval Hanseatic League) situated along the river Weser.
Bremen is one of two towns belonging to the Bundesland of Bremen, the other being Bremerhaven.
Population: 547,000.

In the 8th century the troops of Charlemagne advanced to the Weser in order to christianise the tribes settling here. Bremen, which may have been an older settlement, became a bishopric; a deed claiming the town's foundation in 788 has now been recognised as a forgery, so the exact date is unknown.
In the following centuries the bishops of Bremen were the driving force behind the Christianisation of Scandinavia.
In the 12th century the power of the archbishops was challenged by Henry the Lion.
The duke was successful and became the factual ruler of the town.
These events led to a civil government and a loss of clerical power.
Bremen became a merchants' town, and its ships dominated the southern portions of the North Sea.

Town hall (Rathaus, 1410); in front of the town hall there are the statues of Roland (1404) and of the Town Musicians (1953). Cathedral St. Petri (13th century), in Market Square, with sculptures of Moses and David, Peter and Paul, and Charlemagne.
Liebfrauenkirche, oldest church of the town (11th century).
Martinikirche (St. Martin), church on the Weser bank (1229).
Schütting (1538), house of the merchants' guild.
Schnoor, a medieval quarter with narrow streets and nostalgic pubs.
Schlachte, the medieval harbour of Bremen (the modern port is some kilometres downstream).
The main square (Market Square).
A swineherd and pigs in a Bremen shopping street.

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