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France facts and history in brief

Mulhouse, is the industrial capital of Alsace, on the banks of the Ill River and the Rhône-Rhine Canal, near the German and Swiss borders, between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine river, at the southern end of Alsace near the beginning of the Jura mountain range and the lesser known Sundgau region.
The name comes from the word mill/Mühle, which was a solitary mill with several houses built around eventually.
The township can trace its origin back to 803.
In the 12th century Mulhouse became a free town.
In the 15th century Mulhouse was an imperial town.
Later became a republic and was allied with the Swiss federation.
In 1798, became part of France.
Mulhouse pioneered the industrial revolution in France.
Mulhouse was fortunate enough to take an important place in Alsatian history.
The city has been a major textile centre since the 18th century and
also have a fertilizer industry based on nearby potash deposits and metallurgical industries.
The city's past is reflected in the old town, the Place de la Réunion, the centre of the city, and the elegant 19th century houses.

Mulhouse has many attractions, including eight technical museums (Like the Automobile Museum, the Railroad Museum), showing the city's industrial development, Zoological and Botanical Gardens and many others.

The nearby Sundgau region is well known for its fried carp and is attracting many tourists for the tranquility of its agricultural setting.

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