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France facts and history in brief

L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre is a small village in the Alsace region of France at an altitude of 1.450 metres in the Pyrenees Mountains, on the border of the small Principality of Andorra.

L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre is the last French train station before Andorra about two hours south of Toulouse.

Latitude 46 00 N, longitude 2 00 E.
Population about 220.

Daily buses make the two hour trip to Andorra la Vella via Seu d'Urgell from the railway station.

L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre is usually very busy with tourist visiting Andorra, the ski fields and the popular hiking trecks.

Sarolta and I spent some time exploring L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre and the surrounding area while we were waiting for our bus to Andorra.

A friendly little place with a magic ambience, and a very picturesque surroundings.

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L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre Andorra la Vella L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre
L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre Andorra la Vella

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