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France facts and history in brief

Hendaye, in the South West of France, is a frontier town with Spain and squeezed in the corner of the Atlantic Ocean and Pyrenees Mountains.

Hendaye is cut into two parts and separated by 2 km.
The old, Basque Town is sitting on a hill top with magnificent views of the Bay of Chingoudy and the river Bidassoa estuary below with of the foot hills of the Pyrenees Mountains to the West, South & East.
Here are the shops, the Mairie, Pelote Basque and many other attractions.

The sea-side beach area is a peninsula between the Atlantic, the beach to the North, the bay and the river Bidassoa estuary to the South & West.
This is the 'modern' Hendaye with the Marina, Hotels, Casino, modern shops and apartment buildings.

There are many, sheltered facilities for water sports, wind surfing, bathing and others in the large bay.
Hendaye as stated above is a border town with Spain, with regular train services to cheaper shopping in Irun.
There are picturesque places to visit nearby, like the "Estates of Abbadia" (60 hectares of splendid flower and tropical gardens and geological sites with history and the Chateau of Abbadia, displaying fine French furniture and a working farm) on a high cliff top of the Corniche.
The picturesque French village of Biriatou on the Spanish border with magnificent views of the river Bidassoa, Atlantic Ocean and Pyrenees Mountains.

Population about 30,000.

Hui Chin and I explored both part of Hendaye before we caught the smart little electric train to Irun.

At first we had trouble finding the train, after we were told how to get on with our journey.
Hui Chin noticed a friendly chap that traveled with us all the way from Lourdes, and approached him, who us the tiny station, the ticket office and how to find the Railway Station in Irun and which train to catch.
Our friendly chap was going our way, he was going to Lisbon, we only went part of the way to Fatima.
He helped with this too as Fatima don't have a Railway Station and we had to get of at a Station, we've never heard of.

Thanks very much, mate, if you happen to read this.

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Hendaye Hendaye Hendaye Hendaye

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