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Finland facts and history in brief

Kemi is a city in west central Finland, Lapland province, at the mouth of the Kemijoki River on the Gulf of Bothnia.
The city was chartered in 1869 and has a long history as an trading post.
Kemi is the industrial centre of Lapland and has many important industries, like a power station saw and pulp mills serving a worldwide market with timber and pulp through the busy port.
The city is where Lapland begins and is near the Artic circle and the Swedish border.

The Port of Kemi has the tourist Icebreaker, Sampa inport that takes tourist through the ice during the winter, from December to April and have many attractions like Ice Swimming, Snow Mobile Safaries, Dog Safaries.

The city have a high Technology Village, the Digipolis.

The Snow Castle is a huge castle built of snow and have a Snow Resaturant, Snow Hotel, Chapel, Children's Park, Adventure Land, Art Gallery and many other attractions.

There's also a busy chrome mine near Kemi.

Kemi is an leading member of the 'Bothnian Arc', an umbrella project for promoting cross border co-operation between Sweden and Finland in the region surrounding the Gulf of Bothnia.

Kemi's other attractions are a busy fishing industry and angling on the Kemijoki river and delta and the famous gemstone Gallery with many rare and famous items on display.

Kemi's population about 25,000.

Sarolta and I visited Finland during our trip around Europe on our Eurail Pass.

We arrived by Ferry from Stockholm.

After a couple of days sightseeing in Helsinki we took a train to the top of Finland in the Arctic Circle, where we crossed over, through Sweden to Norway.

A terrific experience. very enjoyable.

Hui Chin and I took a train from Helsinki to Kemi, to visit the Lapland, the Artic Circle and on our way to Narvik in northern Norway and I suppose because it was there and we had the means, like the Eurail Pass and time to go and check the place out.

The train journey was awesome, as this northern parts of Finland quite picturesque with many forest and mountains around, but what really excited us was that the sun never set.

At midnight it was still there, about ten inches above the horizon and it was practically broad daylight (We had four days of it, until we got to Oslo.)

Awesome experience though.

I wonder when the roosters crow or do they collect unemployement benefit for the 73 days constant daylight, sun, during winter, this must be hard on all the roosters.
Not much of a chance to show of their testosterone rush.

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Kemi Kemi Kemi Kemi


Kemi Kemi Kemi Kemi

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