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Saint Ives


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Saint Ives
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Saint Ives (Cornish: Porthia) is a seaside town in Cornwall, UK, north of Penzance, and west of Camborne.
In former times it was commercially dependent on fishing as an industry.
The decline in fishing, however, has caused a shift in commercial emphasis and the town is now primarily a holiday resort.

The town was the site of a particularly atrocity during the Prayer Book rebellion of 1549.
The English Provost Marshal came to St Ives and invited the mayor, John Payne, to lunch at an inn.
He asked the mayor to have the gallows erected during the course of the lunch.
Afterwards the mayor and the Provost Marshall walked down to the gallows; the Provost Marshall then ordered the mayor to mount the gallows.
The mayor was then hanged for being a Roman Catholic.

Modern St Ives came with the railway in 1877, the St Ives Bay branch line from St Erth.
With it came the new generation of Victorian seaside holidaymakers.
Much of the town was built during the latter part of the 19th century.
The railway, which winds along the cliffs and bays, survived the Beeching axe and has become a tourist attraction itself.

In 1928, the artists Alfred Wallis, Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood met at St Ives and laid the foundation for the artists' colony of today.
The town also attracted artists from overseas like Piet Mondriaan who let the landscape influence their work.

St Ives is also well known from the nursery rhyme and riddle "As I Was Going to St Ives", although it is not clear whether the rhyme refers to the Cornish town or one of several other St Ives around the country.

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Sarolta and I visited this place during our trip around the British Isles in 1978.

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