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Croatia facts and history in brief

The Republic of Croatia is a crescent-shaped country in Europe bordering the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Balkans.
Its capital is Zagreb.
In recent history, it was a republic in the SFR Yugoslavia, but it achieved independence in 1991.
It is a candidate for membership of the European Union.

Name: Republika Hrvatska
Anthem: Lijepa nasa domovino
Capital: Zagreb
Official languages: Croatian (locally also Italian)
Independence: June 25, 1991
Area: 56,542 kmē
Population: 4,496,869 (2001 census)
Currency: Kuna (kn) (HRK)
Time zone: CEST (UTC+2), Summer (DST) CET (UTC+1)
Internet TLD: .hr
Calling code: +385

The above details were retrieved and condensed from (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croatia) August 2005
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (see Copyrights for details).

Hui Chin and I visited Croatia during our European travels in 2005.

We have enjoyed our stay in the country, but were very disappointed with the train services.

Before our departure from new Zealand, we purchased a rather expensive Regional Eurail Pass with added days to cover any delays or staying longer in any place than we have planned for.

Croatia, - at least between places we intended to visit - have very poor train services.

We arrived from Austria, through Slovenia to Rijeka, and although Rijeka connected by rail to Pula, our next stop, the train service is very slow and sporadic.

To go from Pula to Zadar or Split, or Dubrovnik, we either had to go through Zagreb with the consequent delay or use the bus services, which we did have to use throughout.

The roads are very good, so are the bus services, but it meant extra expenses for us, with already paid for rail passes.

With the good roads Croatia is catering for the neighbouring countries drivers, not for the like of us, with limited budgets, who can't afford a car or hired car in every country we like to visit.

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