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Austria facts and history in brief

I have a very soft spot for Vienna and I have a very soft spot for Austria.

In 1956, I had to flee Hungary after the Soviet Forces brutally crushed our Revolution.

Vienna and the whole of Austria accepted and mollycoddled a very large number of Hungarian Refugees, that were streaming over it's border to find a warm welcome, freedom and a good chance for a new beginning.

I will never forget the friendliness and hospitality of the Austrian and especially the Viennese people.

My grateful thanks to you all.

Austria and Vienna was also an eye opener for me at the time.

Coming from a bleak, repressive Communist country, I was awestruck by the happiness, the brilliance of Vienna and the feeling of abundance and freedom in the air.

I arrived in Vienna just before Christmas and the streets and shops were decorated and glowing with the brilliance and abundance of a free country's spirit of Christmas.

I love you Austria, Vienna. Thank you again and again.

This is my Hörsching page, so lets talk about Hörsching.

Well, I can't find much out about Hörsching, only bits and pieces, like its a small place, near Linz and has an Airport (An USA Military Airport, I understand).

Well, I hope you read my blurb further up the page, about escaping from Hungary to Austria in late 1956.

There were many Hungarians in Austria at that time and many nations from around the world set up offices in Vienna to help to resettle some of these Hungarian Refugees.

Little me being one of them.

As I have written in my eyewitness story, I have registered with a number of countries, including New Zealand.

New Zealand was first off the block, for me anyway.

A few days after registering, I received a telegram, naming a day, only a couple of days away, to fly to New Zealand.

A couple of bus load of us were taken to Hörsching to fly out by an American Military plane.

The Soviets only left Austria a few months prior of this and they threatened the Austrians of reoccupation or something like that if the American military Aircraft landed and took off with us refugees. (A typical Mexican standoff in central Europe!)

To avoid any delay and trouble, we were bused to Munich in Germany, where our plane took off to New Zealand.

Here are some photos of the township.

You can click on these photos for an enlargement.


Hörsching Hörsching Hörsching Hörsching
Hörsching Hörsching Hörsching Hörsching
Hörsching Hörsching Hörsching Hörsching

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