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Morocco facts & history in brief


Our ferry arrived to Tangier around about 8 pm. local time (There is one hour difference between Spain and Morocco time).
There was some annoying hassling after we've disembarked by Taxi drivers and self proclaimed 'tourist guides' for a while, but we soon got into our stride and off we went looking for an suitable and affordable accommodation.
We spent the next day exploring the city's old and new towns and market places.
Later in the day we took the train to Rabat the capital.
It was about 6.30 pm, when we arrived in Rabat and managed to find a hotel just across the road from the station, it looked OK and reasonably priced.
After a quick shower and change, we went out to look around the town, and walked right into the night market at the end off the very wide and beautiful boulevard running front of our hotel.
We did buy a few things at the market, that was noisy and very colourful.
After a early rise and breakfast we went to explore Rabat, from head to toe.
Most of the town is fairly new, clean and tidy.
Casablanca was our next stop, which we found just the opposite to Rabat, too big, too disorganised and neglected.
From Casablanca we went by train again to Marrakech.
The first thing we wanted to see the morning after our arrival the famous market or the "Souk".
Rushed back to Casablanca by train of course, after thoroughly exploring Marrakech to catch our plane to Bamako, Mali and to Tombouctou eventually.
But that is another page, another story.

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Royal Mansour Meridien Hotel, Casablanca

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Some of my photos taken in Morocco (Click for an enlargement)

Somewhere in Morocco Somewhere in Morocco Somewhere in Morocco Somewhere in Morocco
Somewhere in Morocco Somewhere in Morocco Somewhere in Morocco Somewhere in Morocco

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