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Author's notes

These pages contain only part of my story.
I began to write this in 1995, for the 40th Anniversary of the Revolution.
When I first wrote it, I wrote in the third person (As told…and the title of it was 'Forty Years of War & Love').
I often made alterations as I read it and rewrote it to improve the style, though the story remains, - its history - intact.

Since 1996 I have been back to Hungary a number of times and most of the buildings, the shops, my old schools, etc are still there. The hostel is now an office or apartment. My wife, son, and I enjoyed our stay, the freedom and happiness of the people of Budapest and the whole of Hungary.

I would be very pleased if anybody recognises me or the events, as I witnessed them, would get in touch with me for a friendly raconteur.

-The author.

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The 1956 Hungarian Revolution (My story)

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